Cardinal Kids Therapy

Occupational Therapy & Tomatis® Sound Therapy
Personalized Care in a Personal Setting
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The Process

As OTs, we observe deficits in behavior, socialization, academics, etc. and hypothesize that these behaviors are a result of poor sensory integration. We use standardized assessments as well as clinical observation as a baseline and create specific goals to guide treatment sessions and measure progress. Through intervention, parent feedback, behavior and motor scales and reassessment when needed, we are able to see changes in behavior, motor skills, social skills, academic achievement and self-esteem. Our initial evaluation process consists of 2 hours in the clinic. We use standardized assessments, clinical observation and parent/caregiver feedback forms. This also includes a detailed narrative report of our findings, a summary page and goal sheet. Once the evaluation is complete and you have had a chance to read through it, we will meet with you to ensure your understanding of the material and discuss our interpretation of the findings. If treatment is warranted, 60-minute sessions will be provided. Each session includes 50 minutes hands-on treatment, 5 minutes of note writing and 5 minutes of carry-over with the parent or caregiver. We also offer 2-week intensives. Intensive therapy is 2 hours each day for a total of 13 days where we include sound therapy, reflex integration, Interactive Metronome, etc. along with occupational therapy.  

Individualized à la carte services:

  • OT Screening ~ determine whether or not your child might benefit from an OT Full/Mini Evaluation
  • Home & Community Observation
  • School Observation
  • Standardized Assessments
  • Goal Development
  • Reflex Integration Assessment
  • Interactive Metronome® Assessment and Treatment
  • Solisten®/Tomatis® Intensives
  • iLs ~ Integrated Listening System Programming
  • Handwriting Assessment
  • Keyboarding
  • Sensory Room Design
  • IEP Goal Development
  • Weekly OT as well as Intensive OT
  • School District OT Services
Although we do not participate directly with insurance providers, many insurance companies have “out-of-network” or “point of service” plans which will reimburse some portion of the costs of your medical care. Each insurance company has an “approved amount” for each clinical service and that amount varies among companies. Many of our clients have had success obtaining reimbursement from their insurance provider after meeting their out-of-network deductible for both weekly therapy as well as intensive therapy.