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Natalie was one of the first clinicians to evaluate my daughter as a whole little person–not just a diagnosis or specific deficit. She listens to my concerns (and brags) and is 100% focused on my baby when we are there. My daughter giggles when I tell her it’s time to see Ms. Natalie and runs right to her office to smile her hello when we get there. My daughter has made tremendous progress with her sensory issues, behavior and speech since starting OT at Cardinal Kids.

Mazie’s Mom, Cherry Hill

Prior to meeting Natalie, we spent one grueling year trying to get our insurance company to cover OT services for our son that were recommended by a large children’s rehabilitation hospital. Once we met Natalie, she reviewed our situation quickly, completed a few additional assessments of our son and within a week, we had the approvals we needed to get our child the services he desperately needed.

Natalie quickly got to know our son, including his various strengths and weaknesses. From the very first visit, our son has loved working with Natalie and doesn’t realize how hard he’s working because she makes it so engaging and interactive. Natalie keeps their sessions fresh by introducing new activities and techniques, some of which include innovative technology resources.

While driving by Natalie’s office one day recently, my son recounted a conversation when Natalie told him he was doing so well that he wouldn’t need her anymore. He said, “I’d never leave Miss Natalie. I like her too much. That would be like Tom Brady leaving the NFL mid-season. Why would he ever do that?” I’d say this sums up the beautiful working relationship they have.

The Perlow Family, Cherry Hill

Many say it takes a village to raise a child; the reality of having a child on the autism spectrum and with sensory processing issues makes this ring even truer for my family and me. Ms. Natalie has become an integral part of our “village!” She is warm, kind, nurturing yet firm, extremely knowledgeable and fun. My son Kyle works with Ms. Natalie once a week on both gross and fine motor skills. He is now more confident on the playground with peers. He actually looks forward to writing his letters in preparation for kindergarten. Kyle lights up when he sees Ms. Natalie and he has “grown up” tremendously with her in terms of appropriate eye contact and conversational language. They share a special bond. Even more special, is that Ms. Natalie knows me, my husband and Kyle’s brother well now, and she takes the time to be a support when we may need it most with something going on at home that is affecting Kyle’s behavior and progress. Thank you to Ms. Natalie and Cardinal Kids Therapy for making a difference in Kyle’s life and for being part of our important village!

Lisa Silver, Cherry Hill

Natalie Bruno is an exceptional occupational therapist as well as an exceptional person. My daughter has seen her for a year, and the improvements have been remarkable. We are seeing Natalie for developmental delays in speech and sensory issues and are using the Tomatis program. This program is outstanding. My daughter before starting Tomatis had practically no speech and very little understanding of speech. She now speaks using one word and understands so much. She has incredible awareness and engagement all of which were not present before Tomatis. Tomatis has opened up her world and given us great hope. Natalie is fully devoted and gives an individualized approach to treatment plans. Cardinal Kids is a wonderful place and the Tomatis program is outstanding!

Lisa, Lexi’s Mom, Cherry Hill

(Natalie Bruno and) Cardinal Kids Therapy is truly a hidden treasure! I am a mom of a 6 year old with sensory and motor planning issues. From November to March 2013-2014, my daughter went through 3 loops of Intensive Therapy with the Solisten/Tomatis program. Not only did my daughter make vast improvements, our family has been forever changed. While this program was a big investment, our family is so grateful for how the Solisten/Tomatis program, coupled with OT, has helped Julia and minimized what used to be daily family struggles and lots of crying, hitting and screaming. I am so grateful and AMAZED that my daughter is now happier, more even-tempered and more confident in trying and accomplishing things. The list of improvements in Julia’s skills and abilities since starting to see Natalie is truthfully too long to list. But I can say with the utmost of confidence that Julia would not be where she is today without the Intensive Listening Therapy program and the OT from Natalie.

Natalie’s thoroughness, her knowledge and her wonderful ability to teach with love and care are evident and made my daughter feel comfortable from Day 1 – which in and of itself is AMAZING! My daughter loves seeing Natalie and even with the intensity of visits with Solisten/Tomatis program, she always looks forward to going to the loving environment that Natalie Bruno has created. I highly recommend Natalie Bruno to anyone considering OT for their child and especially recommend the intensive programs that Natalie has available.

Cardinal Kids, LLC is a hidden treasure – truly an amazing place!

Julia’s mom, Medford

Jimmy looks forward to his weekly OT sessions (with Mrs. Bruno.) This morning he said, “Mrs. Bruno is the coolest, she’s a rock star!” We are thrilled with the growth in Jimmy through sensory integration therapy and the Tomatis listening program.

MJ Robinson, Erial

Our son’s auditory system was in fight and flight mode. (Miss Natalie) and her use of Tomatis brought his system back to normal. We have our son back!

Parents from Moorestown

My son did the intensive Interactive Metronome. He has ADD and has some anxiety issues. His gross motor planning also is lagging as well. My son was on 30 mgs of Ritalin a day. First off, my son who doesn’t like to do anything out of the ordinary loved coming (to see Miss Natalie). He was so excited about doing Interactive Metronome because it showed him his progress and he loved that he could see himself improving. He went everyday for an hour for fifteen days. He never once whined or complained and we were very happy with the results. First, we saw an increase in attention and concentration. So much so that we dropped his Ritalin dose down to 20 mgs. His anxiety diminished some and I found that he was able to learn novel activities a little bit quicker, such as snow boarding and golf. We really enjoyed the experience and we hope to do it again this summer.

Parents from Cherry Hill

Natalie Bruno is an amazing therapist!! One day, I left a message crying because my daughter had a horrible day at school. Natalie called me at night, on her own time, and talked to me about new ideas for my daughter. In the eight months that my daughter has been going to Natalie she has made HUGE progress. Cardinal Kids Therapy also has a very nice waiting room. I bring my younger son with me to all of the sessions. The waiting room always has tons of toys and books in it and keeps my son very busy.

Rachel Solomon, Marlton

We have experienced many professionals along our journey to help our daughter, and Natalie exceeds our high standards for being knowledgeable, resourceful, open-minded, communicative, collaborative, flexible, available and engaging. She listens to our concerns, relates as a parent herself, and applies her vast experience to any presenting challenge. She learns about approaches we use, collaborates with other professionals treating our daughter, and recommends additional professionals specific to our needs. It is rare to find a therapist as comprehensively tuned in to each individual child and his/her family. I highly recommend Natalie to anyone who is looking not only for occupational therapy, but also for a supportive partnership.

Marcella Volcy, Cherry Hill

Natalie Bruno is one of the best occupational therapists. I never had to force my son to attend the therapies since he never felt it was work even though he was making great strides. She is very warm and knowledgeable. She always directed me in the right direction with her experience.

Olga Rapko, Mount Laurel

Natalie Bruno is a wonderful OT. My son has made the most significant gains since she’s been working with him. She’s thorough and looks at his OT needs holistically. Her home recommendations are doable and she is a wealth of valuable information. My son (autism diagnosis) has been in occupational therapy for 7 years and Cardinal Kids is the most welcoming, warm and comforting environment. It’s not like “work” for him and he loves therapy now! I’d recommend Cardinal Kids to anyone seeking an experienced and loving OT who really “gets” our kids.

Nicky Simon, Villanova PA

Natalie Bruno is a gifted and compassionate healer. Her training in Occupational Therapy is quite extensive and impressive, and she uses many tools and strategies to help her clients. What I treasure most about Natalie, above and beyond any other therapists I’ve ever met, is her kindness, sensitivity, and tender care of children. She has made my 5-year old son (who is diagnosed on the autism spectrum) feel so safe, secure, and confident that he is now willing to take many more risks, as well as accomplish and supersede his established OT goals. I attribute all of this to Natalie. She is dedicated to her work and has created a warm, enriching, and inspiring atmosphere for children at Cardinal Kids Therapy.

T’s Mom from Westampton

My 18 month old daughter, Hazel, has made significant progress (with Miss Natalie). (Her) knowledge of sensory integration and its impact on Hazel’s balance and coordination helped me and my husband understand her needs and incorporate therapeutic activities throughout her daily routines. Thanks to (Miss Natalie), our initial fears turned into a fun, educational, and rewarding experience for the whole family!

Colleen Reilly, MS in Ed, BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)

I began occupational therapy with my son when he was 3 1/2 – four years old. (That is when we met Natalie.) My son was young, but very aware of his deficits. He hated going to preschool, cried his little eyes out every time I attempted to take him. (Natalie) was immediately able to help him, and was able to explain to me what was going on with my child. He has sensory processing challenges, coordination difficulties, and hypotonia (muscle weakness), which appeared, mostly in his hands. I would highly recommend (her) to anyone who is even questioning whether or not their child might have a problem.

Josh’s Mom, Voorhees

Two years ago my son’s teacher approached me and told me Michael was having fine motor skills problems and was starting to fall behind the class. Michael who used to love school had most recently started coming home unhappy. When we looked at his handwriting and artwork hanging up on the walls compared to the other kids in is class we could see there was a problem. After talking to his pediatrician we decided to have him assessed by an occupational therapist. That was when we were introduced to Natalie Bruno. She was kind and understanding and really made her sessions fun for Michael. After each session she explained what they did and what he needed to work on for the next session. Natalie Bruno has even periodically checked in with me to see how Michael is progressing. It was one of the best decisions I made for my son and therefore I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of an Occupational Therapist.

Beth McCool, Haddon Township