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Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears Cardinal Kids ProgramsHandwriting Without Tears is a wonderful way to learn to identify letters, the correct way to form letters, sizing and spacing when writing and how to use the lines when writing. It uses a multisensory approach to handwriting and can be adapted into a child’s current handwriting curriculum. It is an easy-to-learn approach, which is fun for children. Research shows that it is still important to learn to write. Children who learn to write by hand demonstrate improved creativity and fine motor skills. Because handwriting is being introduced at such a young age, it is important for children to learn the correct way to hold a pencil or the correct way to form a letter. It is especially important before bad habits begin that can have a negative impact on the speed and legibility of their writing later on. Handwriting remains the primary tool used to communicate within classrooms. With that being said, keyboarding is also important especially in today’s modern world. We often use Keyboarding Without Tears in conjunction with learning to write.