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Forbrain® Cardinal Kids ProgramsForbrain ~ use your voice to boost your brain. This is a tool, which is used primarily at home. It is used to help improve speech pronunciation and fluency, reading comprehension, active working memory, concentration and/or attention, energy level, confidence level and/or vocal quality. The Forbrain is worn by placing the wraparound headband behind your neck with the transducers resting on the bone in front of your ears, not in your ears. The sound (your own voice) is immediately picked up by the microphone and processed by a dynamic filter, which amplifies the “linguistic frequencies”. The child then hears his/her own voice with a concentration on the frequencies, which help promote improved listening, learning, attention and overall energy/mood. The sound is transmitted via bone conduction, vibration in one’s facial bones, on each side of the temporal bone. Between Tomatis® intensives, Forbrain is recommended for about 10 minutes per day.